Careers in Market Research are Both Challenging and Rewarding

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Careers in Market Research

Each year, a new group of graduates enter the workforce. Some are sure of their career paths, while others struggle making this choice. Career options are almost endless, and the ability to switch careers is a seamless operation at most times.

What if, though, you could have a rewarding career in an ever changing and challenging environment? A career in market research is a choice that ensures opportunity, challenge, and growth. Formally put into practice in the 1920’s, thanks to the “Golden Age of Radio” in the United States and the advertising boom that paired with it, market research is an industry that has seen constant and consistent growth over the years. This alone is the promise of an exciting and fulfilling future when choosing market research as a career.

The positions within marketing research are widely varied from telephone recruiters, to project managers, and data analysts. Telephone recruiters play an integral role in recruiting participants for focus groups. Data analysts specialize in the analysis of quantitative data obtained in surveys. They are also responsible for designing and pretesting questionnaires, and determining the best means of collecting data. Account management is extremely important to the continuity and smooth flow of business. It is they who formulate the systematic and strategic moves in order to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs. Furthermore, it is the account managers who seek out and win contracts for the company. Finally, project managers have the duty of influencing the planning, timing, organization, and governance of resources to reach the specific goals of the contract.

Chances are, whatever was studied in school, business administration, computer science, communications, or sociology can be effectively applied to a career in market research. Many of us at SmartPoint Research have attended schools for marketing at BCIT, Georgian College, Capilano College, and Simon Fraser University, to name a few.

The benefits to a career in this industry are vast. The experience gained from working with a wide variety of clients on a broad spectrum of idea, products, and concepts is rewarding. We who work in market research get a sneak peak at things to come. We get to see what a company is thinking of bringing to the marketplace, or how they are going to improve something that already exists.

Above all, our industry is interesting. Using multiple forms of market research, such as focus groups, individual interviews, and online questionnaires, we can make effective assessments that allow our clients to get the most out of the research at hand.

While it may not be for everyone, market research is a viable option that should be considered by all who want to pursue a career that will encourage growth in a multitude of ways. At SmartPoint Research, we enjoy our work.

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