Commonly Searched Marketing Research Terms

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Advantages of Focus Groups

At SmartPoint Research, we were interested in what others in marketing research were curious about and searching for online, so we set out to uncover what were some of the most highly searched marketing research related words. Our investigation revealed more than we expected, and we were able to determine some of the top phrases for which people were searching.

One of the most frequently searched marketing research phrases is “focus group definition.” As those in the industry would generally not need to be looking this up, it seems that those who would be interested in it would be up-and-comers into the industry, such as students. This perceived interest by a new generation of market researchers is exciting as it shows that marketing research is being successful at attracting new talent and fresh perspectives.

Additionally, other most searched phrases are “benefits of focus groups” and “marketing research recruiting.” Unlike the first phrase mentioned, these are much more specific and likely being searched for by those seeking services in the industry. There has been a lot of debate lately about the relevancy of the focus group and whether they have staying power, and clearly people are looking to become more informed on it. Check out SmartPoint Research’s founder Daniela Hassman’s blog for her take on the advantages of focus groups. She provides an interesting and informative case that they are indeed here to stay. For more information on services SmartPoint Research provides, check out our page on marketing research recruiting.

Lastly, another highly searched phrase relating to market research is “paid marketing research studies.” Like the phrase “focus group definition,” it seems unlikely that those in the industry are searching for this particular term. In this case, it seems quite likely that potential research participants are searching for ways to actually participate in research.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see what phrases remain highly searched, and which ones trend downward and are replaced by new ones. Will it still be a mix of market research professionals, students and the general public searching? We will continue to monitor this and keep you informed of any interesting developments.

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