Component Research Services & Focus Group Facilities at SmartPoint Research

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Established in 2007 and based in Vancouver and Toronto, SmartPoint Research conducts market research studies nationwide. Initially SmartPoint Research was set up as a market research agency solely focused on recruiting quality focus group participants (see our article in the November 2014 issue of VUE Magazine on this topic). Since then, we have established a nationwide consumer panel, a multicultural panel, healthcare professional panels as well as many other complementary services such as a focus group facility in Vancouver, project management, moderation, recruitment for quantitative studies and specialized recruitment methodologies for B2B studies from client lists.

SmartPoint Research has been instrumental in helping to carry out ethnic research since 2011. The studies that we have conducted or have helped coordinate include, telephone surveys with 200 South Asians residing in Surrey, BC, numerous recruitment projects for focus groups with South Asians and Asians that were conducted in the native language and in. Additional services included coordination of translation for materials and simultaneous translation for focus groups.

Canada has accepted 250,000+ new immigrants annually since 1990. With such an ethnically diverse population, of which many members maintain their primary language and culture, ethnic market research is immensely important to companies’ and brands’ communication strategies.

Our focus group facility is equipped with a simultaneous translation room and allows for recording and listening of the focus groups in language and in English from our comfortable viewing lounge. With this many ethnic studies and experiences under our belt, and with our diverse and multicultural population, we have grown our multicultural panel organically to reach nearly 2,000 active and engaged members.

Please contact us if you would like any more information on any of these component research services or our focus group facilities in Yaletown, Vancouver.