A Growing Consumer Panel

The SmartPoint Research panel of consumers has been growing since 2007. We primarily started the panel as a natural development growing organically from our efforts of recruiting participants for in-person focus groups. Our consumer panel has now grown exponentially and is able to support some quantitative studies not just within the Vancouver area but nationally as well.

The qualitative nature of our consumer panel has helped us to maintain highly engaged respondents and a very strong response rate. Panelists are verified upon enrollment while other registration and sampling checks are in place to ensure quality respondents for our client’s research. For sampling efficiency, panelists are also profiled with demographic and psychographic data points which allow us to target more accurately per project requirements.

While the needs of our clients continue to grow and evolve, so will the size and sophistication of our panel. Stay tuned for developments.

An Established Ethnic Panel

Recognizing that Canada is a highly multicultural country with some products targeting a specific ethnicity, we have established an organically growing multicultural panel for the last several years.

Some brand teams have recognized the value in target a specific ethnicity and we have recruited Chinese and South Asian consumers for focus groups in Vancouver and Toronto for a multitude of studies ranging on topics such as car purchasing, radio listening preferences, household appliance purchasing and even communication of messages in the native language gauging translation and cultural relevance. Built on proven experience in providing sample for ethnic research, we have developed a well established and profiled ethnic panel within the Lower Mainland and the Greater Toronto Area.

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