Daniela Hassman

Daniela Hassman is a market research moderator specializing in providing insights that meet client’s information needs.

Daniela Hassman has followed a traditional entry into the market research industry gaining experience in project management and sample recruitment before naturally developing into moderation of qualitative research. Along the way, her acquired experience includes involvement in numerous quantitative research studies. This deep industry experience allows for a holistic approach to the research design and reporting process.

Over the past several years Daniela Hassman has designed and moderated qualitative research such as focus groups and one-on-one depth interviews with general consumer populations, patients, and health professionals regarding various topics. Types of research conducted include: new product concept evaluations, advertising testing, and communications testing.

Importantly, the research conducted by Daniela Hassman has helped to guide delivery and resolution of several major brand initiatives including:

  • Identification of key consumer barriers to usage for flagship brand from a North American market leader in the ready to drink alcoholic beverage category, which helped inform the development of a Canadian specific TV and social media campaign. (Qualitative Marketing Research)
  • Optimization and design of new brands and line extensions in addition to testing purchase intent and preferences across Canada that drove the introduction of over 15 new products into the Canadian marketplace. (Quali-Quant Marketing Research)
  • Development of usage, awareness and price sensitivity studies that drove the development of the brand strategy, essence and pricing on a leading ready to drink alcoholic beverage product propelling it to achieve a +300% growth and leading position with under 24 months in market. (Qualitative Marketing Research)

SmartPoint Research is a Gold Seal Member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and Daniela Hassman has served as a director on the qualitative research board (QRD). The QRD focuses on the advancement of quality and methodology in qualitative research, and on delivering value-added services, education and networking opportunities for members in this sector of the industry.

Recent Audiences & Topics Researched

Adult Beverages: cider, beer, ready to drink New Product Development Exploration
Clothing Purchases Purchasing Habits of Canadians
Sodium Reduction Messaging Sugar Sweetened Beverages Messaging
Travel Decisions Technology Usage and Purchasing
Healthy Weights (Pre-teens & Teens) Hospital Formulary Policy Decisions
Cosmetic Enhancements Treatment of Conditions (Physicians)

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