Leverage our Team of Advanced Survey Programmers and Customized Tools

SmartPoint Research offers custom online survey programming and hosting capabilities suitable for various market research studies including but not limited to customer satisfaction surveys, flash video ad test, or more complex studies such as conjoint or Max-diff scaling. Whether your survey includes single or multi-selects, 3-dimensional grid questions, real-time video streaming, open text fields, verbatim coding, or numeric entry, our gold standard technology delivers:

  • Full Customization: Flexible survey software specifically designed to meet your questionnaire design.
  • Multi-Media Support: Create custom online surveys using branded, embedded images, flash testing, video playback, and animated gifs – all of which help increase survey completion rates and create a more compelling experience for panelists.
  • Reliable & Secure Environment: Our servers and systems are up 99.99% of the time, providing high response rates in a timely and cost effective manner, all while maintaining the highest levels of security.
  • High Quality Research Data: Our comprehensive validation process ensures your data set includes only responses that have been positively identified as authentic.

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