Focus Group Facility – Service Fit for a Queen

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The room is set up to your particular liking, your desired meal prepared, and your all your needs taken care of. It is service fit for a Queen.

Meet our lovely facility administrator Justine. This charismatic and talented girl has many years of experience in the customer service industry. Justine has even worked for the Queen of England!

For a year and a half, Justine managed the Queen’s royal coffee house in London. Her duties included the preparation and management of the events for the Royal Family and guests on a daily basis. Types of functions included investitures, state banquets, and various private functions. She also traveled to the numerous residences of the Royal Family in the UK to perform her duties.

In her current role as Facility Administrator at SmartPoint research, Justine puts her meticulous organization and attentiveness to work. Upon the client’s arrival, every desired detail will be executed. From lunch, to re-screening respondents, Justine will have taken care of it all. She is an integral part of our focus group facility bookings as she manages this process from booking to invoicing. Justine communicates with the client during this process ensuring that from the beginning to the very end, the client’s experience runs as smoothly as possible.

At SmartPoint Research, the services provided by Justine and our focus group hosts, who are all personally trained by Justine, are top notch. Our team consists of highly personable individuals responsible for tasks such as signing in respondents, assisting clients, organizing catering, recording focus group sessions, and distributing incentives when focus groups are completed.

They organize the room bookings based on the client’s needs for the focus group setting. Our facility has many different set-up options (boardroom, living room, classroom etc.), depending on the structure of the overall session. Our Whistler Room is usually booked for larger groups and holds up to 12 respondents in a boardroom style layout. A popular feature is the 2 way mirror which enables the clients in the discovery lounge to watch ongoing focus groups.

Blackcomb is a smaller room for a more intimate focus group session. It holds up to 8 people and is wired with a high definition camera that allows for viewing from our Gabriola Lounge.

Arbutus is our comfortably designed room meant for one-on-one interviews. It is sound proofed for ultimate privacy. This room can also house our simultaneous translator if groups are being conducted in other languages or a note-taker, when required.

All of our rooms are modern and technologically advanced. All rooms have DVD and MP3 capable recordings and other features to suit client needs.

If you would like to find out more about our focus group facilities or want to set up a room reservation, please contact us.

“Hi – excellent work tonight! Thanks to the SmartPoint team for doing an outstanding job: 100% show rates for stellar recruits who were eager to participate and share – and as always, dynamite service and attention to detail. Thanks again for a wonderful SmartPoint experience!”
– Jason Morelyle, Vice President at Illumina Research Partners