How to Find the Right Marketing Research Recruiter and Focus Group Facility

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Finding the right marketing research recruiter and focus group facility is like finding a life partner; a company that embodies reliability, trustworthiness and commitment. Much like one’s search for the right partner, your search for the right marketing research recruiter and focus group facility may have you meeting up with a few duds before you find “the one”. We have put together a list of the top four attributes a marketing research recruiter and focus group facility must have to help you with your search.

Attribute 1 – Service: Find a company where service is a priority and you feel valued as a client.

Attribute 2 – Flexibility: No project is the same and last minute needs can often present themselves, therefore it is imperative to work with a marketing research recruiter and focus group facility that have hired helpful staff who are quick to fulfill those needs.

Attribute 3 – Proven track record: Keep in mind that any company can say that they are the best, however it is really their track record that speaks the loudest. Ask for recommendations and seek out testimonials whenever possible.

Attribute 4 – Location, location, location: Choose a focus group facility to host your qualitative research that is accessible and easy to find for clients and participants. Proximity to the airport and public transit are bonuses. Choose a qualitative research facility that is in an exciting area of the city with a wide range of accommodation, entertainment and food options, which will add convenience for the focus group moderator and the backroom viewers.

Well, you can now deactivate your Plenty of Fish account and take us home to meet your parents because you have found “the one” with SmartPoint Research. Every project at SmartPoint Research is taken care of by knowledgeable and experienced team members. We undertake your project and focus group recruitment seriously and are committed to deliver the highest quality service and participants.

Our Facility Administrator works closely with our project managers throughout the process to coordinate facility arrangements for the focus groups. By working a fluctuating schedule she hosts over 75% of the groups at CoastalViews and has a wealth of knowledge on the project while hosting.

Our team is extremely service oriented and committed to anticipating your needs, meeting them in a timely and flexible manner. We are able to take care of any last minute requests that arise such as requests for supplies and even provision of additional last minute incentives, when necessary.

We come highly recommended and would be excited to have you read some of our testimonials.

Located in the vibrant and exciting YaletownYaletown Vancouver Focus Group Facility Location, our focus group facility CoastalViews is located close to the Canada Line, easily accessible from the airport and the ideal place for marketing research in Vancouver.

Do you have other suggestions for what makes a marketing research recruiter and focus group facility “right” for you? If so, we would like to hear from you! Please Contact SmartPoint Research or email us at: