Just Around the Corner – the Opus Hotel

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SmartPoint Research is located in one of downtown Vancouver’s most unique and interesting neighborhoods, Yaletown. Originally an industrial area, made up of mainly warehouses (some of which still stand to this day). Now, as one of Vancouver’s trendiest neighborhoods, Yaletown boasts fine restaurants, a great night life scene, boutique & corporate companies, and one of SmartPoint Research’s recommended hotels, The Opus Hotel.

We recommend The Opus Hotel to our clients, as not only is it just around the corner from our focus group and meeting facility and across the street from the Canada Line with quick access to Vancouver International Airport; it is a gorgeous boutique hotel with a lot to offer. We recently had the pleasure of touring The Opus Hotel to check out their freshly redesigned rooms. While they redesigned and added new pops of color that injected new life into the posh hotel, they have maintained the original “look and feel” that returning guests are used to.

Each of The Opus Hotel’s six room types has been painted with a new and vibrant color. The rooms are beautifully appointed with local art and chic furnishings.  Of course, one of the most important things a hotel can brag about is their beds. A comfortable bed is crucial, and The Opus Hotel not only knows that, but delivers on it. Of their 96 rooms, 88 are outfitted with a king sized bed. How is that for the royal treatment?

Taking things a step further, Opus provides each room with an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone for guests’ use. The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is a unique addition, as the guest can use the phone as they would a hotel phone. Unlike a regular hotel phone, the Galaxy goes with you! You can call the front desk from a walk on the seawall, or use the phone during breaks from a business meeting. This feature is really something special, especially when the high costs of roaming and data fees are a concern.

Everything is really just perfect at The Opus Hotel. From the look, the feel, and even the scent! Their subtle and delicate White Tea and Thyme signature scent floats through the halls, pleasing the olfactory senses. When conducting business here at SmartPoint Research, be sure to check out The Opus Hotel. You will be happy you did.

At SmartPoint Research, we pride ourselves on our excellent facilities, and we aim to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology used in research that takes place at our facility. Active Group has recently announced that they are imminently ceasing operations, therefore meaning that our facility will no longer be able to offer their services. For clients in need of live video transmission, our facility will now exclusively offer Focus Vision. For more information on our facility and Focus Vision services, contact us at info@smartpointresearch.com.