Market Research Solutions

At SmartPoint Research, we work closely with our clients to meet informational needs by offering customized qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. As professional members of the market research industry we stay up to date to provide you with the most valid cutting edge market research services. We achieve this by employing an analytical process within a creative environment to dig deep and uncover insights required for sound marketing decisions. Our company focus is to provide excellent customer service along with a collaborative approach to the market research process.

SmartPoint Research began operations in 2007 initially offering focus group recruitment services to other Canadian marketing research companies. We differentiated ourselves by our linear approach to recruitment, which improved efficiency and therefore significantly minimized the time required to turn around a focus group recruitment project. While we continue to focus on providing efficient component market research services such as focus group recruitment, our service offerings have expanded to include full qualitative and quantitative market research services.

Custom Designed Qualitative Research

Qualitative research has the opportunity to be the change agent in fueling brand and innovation success by uncovering the why and the how. This is typically done through the use of focus groups (virtual and in person), in depth interviews (telephone and in person) and ethnography sessions. Sample size in qualitative research is smaller than in quantitative research therefore the best way to extrapolate findings is to conduct at least two focus groups per market (or a few one on one interviews / ethnography sessions) in order to allow for information patterns to emerge. Final findings are reported by the qualitative researcher based on the emerging patterns providing a market research report with rich and actionable information.

The qualitative researcher is curious by nature and always striving to find new solutions to existing and emerging business challenges. The wealth of existing approaches, as well as the effective integration of new ones inspired by other disciplines, are the tools used to make this quest achievable.

Custom Designed Quantitative Research

Quantitative research makes use of survey questionnaires to reach a sample in order to provide thorough understanding of the target market’s preferences and intentions. In conducting quantitative research, we create the market research study, which is comprised of the research objectives, the survey, fieldwork (recruitment of the survey participants) and analysis. Our professional market research analysts interpret the results, and formulate a comprehensive market research report that presents key findings and recommendations in relation to the research objectives. Once the report has been presented, marketers take the information obtained and create strategies that ultimately lead to a more successful and profitable brand or product. In this sense, market research is not merely an expense to your business; it is a useful investment.

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