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Consumer Focus Groups

Focus groups provide insights into what stimulates and motivates your customers so that you can customize the way that you market to your audience. These sessions involve strategically and specifically selected individuals, brought together for an in-depth discussion of a predetermined topic. The discussion is led by a focus group moderator who motivates the participants to speak openly and honestly about the subject revealing their insights, attitudes, perceptions, opinions and more. The focus group is audio and video recorded and often transcribed for the purposes of collecting data for the report. Other data such as worksheets used in the sessions, stimuli shown to participants and completed homework assignments may be gathered during the focus group discussion.

Gathering data on purpose for a qualitative research study is only one step in a successful research project. The key step for insightful deliverables is to turn that data into actionable findings and strategies. This is done through the data analysis and begins with a good research design defined by a clear purpose and understanding of the research objectives.
Consumer focus groups are recommended for a variety of reasons including the following: Explore why your target market is behaving in a particular way Determine motivations and barriers to purchasing or using your products/services Test creative promotional material before devoting the ad placement budget Assess web site design ideas Identify ideas for a new marketing campaign or to build a new brand identity Find out how to improve customer loyalty

SmartPoint Research has experience conducting focus groups on various topics from beverage flavours, to advertising testing, with teenagers, parents and other members of the general population. We can perform all or some of the portions that comprise planning and conducting focus groups. The typical focus group process involves the following steps:

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