In Depth Interviews

In depth interviews are a qualitative marketing research tool designed for studies with low incidence rates, sensitive subject areas and for products with a hard to reach target market such as specialists, CEOs and other professionals. Qualitative interviews are particularly useful for getting the story behind a participant’s experiences and may sometimes be recommended as a follow-up to a quantitative marketing research study, in order to investigate responses further. Therefore qualitative interviews are used to uncover the “why” through exploratory exercises and in depth qualitative research discussions. These techniques allow the marketing research professional to have a detailed conversation in regards to usage, attitudes and to assess behaviors, motivations, likeability of products and creative concepts.

SmartPoint Research can provide all or some of the portions of a marketing research study in which in depth interviews are the recommended methodology. Our fieldwork team can recruit qualified participants to exact project specifications; our in-house interviewers can conduct the qualitative interviews; additionally, we offer our professionally managed focus group facility as a central location for in-person interviews, as well as digital recording for telephone interviews.

Benefits of In Depth Interviews

  • The qualitative interview discussion guide is designed to meet client objectives but can also be tailored during each individual in depth interview based on the discussion.
  • In depth interviews can be a more personal form of research than survey questionnaires.
  • Unlike with online or mail surveys, the interviewer has the opportunity to probe deeper and ask follow up questions during an in depth interview discussion.
There are a number of formats of in depth interviews; the format recommended will depend on the study objectives and the product that is being assessed. In depth interviews can be used for eye tracking studies, to assess websites or virtual in-store shopping behavior, creative concept assessment, patient diagnosis process for certain disease areas and in-home product usage.

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