MaxDev™ is a proprietary research model, designed by SmartPoint Research, which helps developers to determine the right combination of features and finishing materials to maximize profitability, while minimizing risk and subsequent time on market.

Key Questions Answered with MaxDev™:

  1. What are my consumers’ current preferences for features and choices of finishing materials?
  2. How much impact do individual features or choices of finishing materials have on overall preference and pricing?
  3. What are the most preferred unit designs that will provide me with the greatest share of preference and maximum revenue?
  4. How do the demographic and consumer profiles change across segments or by unit design?

Additional information that can be obtained from MaxDev™ can include corporate brand awareness and value.  In other words through MaxDev™ you can measure the relative impact of your corporate brand on consumers’ preferences relative to the competitive set.

How does it Work? 

MaxDev™ works by surveying the current preferences of the development’s target audience using an advanced trade-off analysis technique. This unique methodology enables developers to assess the relative impact of features and finishing materials on consumers’ preferences and pricing sensitivity.

By modeling the right mix of those elements, developers using MaxDev™ are better able to anticipate buyer’s needs, while making informed decisions that can result in significant cost savings and an increased likelihood of success.

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“SmartPoint Research conducted an online market survey for a proposed housing development in the lower mainland. With their statistically significant sampling, we have and continue to rely on the findings throughout the planning stages of this development…everything from pricing to demographic and socio target marketing to exterior design, and interior customer preferences, wish lists and amenities. SmartPoint Research provided a valuable tool that is definitely worth the cost.”– Mary Ann Clark, Designer, Style by MAC

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