One Year Anniversary (Under New Management)!

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With the summer officially winding down, we at SmartPoint Research have recently completed our first year under new management!  During this exciting year, we were very fortunate to continue providing recruitment services to our existing clients as well as new ones.  Strategic partnerships and alliances were formed and/or strengthened in order for us to accommodate the increasing complex needs of our clients which winded up making it a great year for relationships, for both business and personal!

Highlights in the qualitative recruiting space:

  • Consistent delivery of top quality respondents and high show rates.  We’re averaging close to a 95% show rate!
  • Improved efficiencies with our recruiting processes to help get better recruits, faster.
  • Our resourcefulness for complex consumers and B2B respondents.  Through the use of our own panel and additional resources, we were able to successfully recruit targets such Accountants, Business Owners, IT Decision Makers, Marketers and Hair Dressers to name a few.
  • Ethnic profiling among our database along with additional resources to recruit Asian and South Asian groups in Vancouver & Toronto.
  • Continuous management of focus group facility rentals across Canada making us your one-stop shop for facilitating focus groups.  Things don’t get lost in translation as we speak the language!
  • Consulting with clients on operationalizing recruitment for their research needs.

Highlights in the healthcare space:

  • Establishment of our own Proprietary Canadian Diabetics Panel, used for both qualitative and quantitative recruiting.
  • Ongoing exclusive access to Canada’s largest panel of Healthcare Professionals, resulting in the delivery of thousands of completed online surveys over the year plus hundreds of completed interviews in person, over the phone or through an online discussion.  This includes but certainly isn’t limited to Canadian Physicians and Allied Healthcare Professionals.
  • Securing access to one of Canada’s largest database of patients.

These highlights and successes can only attributed to the dedication and commitment by our key team members of:

  • Dave Kabli aka ‘The Magician’
  • Maria Rossi aka ‘The Architect’

Finally, thanks to all our clients, ongoing and new, for the continued support to make us one of Canada’s premiere recruiting firms.  Cheers to the year behind us and the many years ahead!

SmartPoint Research TeamSam Rai aka ‘The Director’.

P.S. Though the summer was busy with recruiting, there’s always time for baseball in the community!