Our Recruitment Process for Market Research

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SmartPoint Research Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting for market research, our clients rely on us to ensure that the people taking part in the research are the ideal respondents. This is a vital part of the process. Without the right people, the study will not be beneficial to our clients’ end goal in meeting research objectives.

At SmartPoint Research, we take steps to make sure that those recruited for various studies and projects are ideal for the study, and meet the criteria specified in the recruitment screener. We do this by using a few recruitment methodologies.

Our Panel

SmartPoint Research has an extensive panel, spanning most of Canada. Our panel is the first place we look to when recruiting. With nearly 6,000 panel members, we are able to recruit respondents who fit the criteria set by our clients.

Social Media

How far we have come in the past few years in regards to social media! Looking back on when MySpace was the next best thing, it is hard to imagine a time when there was really only one major player within social networking.  Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as our go to sources for recruiting via social media. It can be in the form of a tweet to the masses, or Facebook  and LinkedIn ads targeted by location, age, gender and sometimes even interests. Not only is this a useful tool if our panel is not able to accommodate the recruit, it also aids in building our panel. *Please note that we follow strict rules and standards with regards to using social media for recruitment. Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our methodology.

Cold Calling

While cold calling for market research used to be the norm, today we rely heavily on panel membership and sometimes on our social media outlets. When our growing panel does not suffice, cold calling can provide an extra edge in the recruitment process.


Referrals can be very useful, for studies that allows for this. Recently, a study we recruited had numerous focus groups, spanning a few days. Accepting referrals was an approved means of recruitment by our client, as long as our recruitment process followed some agreed upon restrictions and stipulations that were deemed as acceptable in order to maintain the integrity of the research study.

SmartPoint Research also offers a full service focus group and qualitative research facility that has recently been rated as one of the top facilities worldwide according to the 2013 Impulse Research Focus Facilities Survey.  The overall ratings are based on a survey of over 5,000 moderators and research professionals.

For more information on how we can recruit the ideal respondents for your research studies and on our award winning in-person research space, contact us at info@smartpointresearch.com.  We look forward to working with you!