SmartPoint Research: Changing for the Future

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SmartPoint Research

Our evolution continues as we embark on a new corporate chapter.

Throughout the years, we have kept abreast of industry trends continuously innovating and improving our offerings. SmartPoint Research has become to be known as a company that provides a very high level of service, which has stemmed from listening to our customers and panel members.

Over the past few years our qualitative consumer panel has experienced significant growth, reaching out well beyond our Western Canadian roots forging a strong national representation.  Growing organically at an average of one thousand new panel members per month, SmartPoint Research now delivers the same high quality participants and excellent show rates that we’ve come to be known for out West in other key markets across Canada.

In addition, we’ve been fortunate to operate one of Canada’s best focus group facilities for the past 8 years, proven by your many testimonials, which has allowed for numerous in-person interactions with our valued customers and panel members.  On this note it’s with mixed emotions that we announce our decision to close our focus group facility so that we may transition our investment in this area to further propel the growth in our panel and our national service capabilities.

Our focus group facility will be closing with the last available booking date being September 25, 2015.

We appreciate all of your support during the years and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

For any questions or enquiries please contact Sam Rai at or via telephone at 647-505-2635.