SmartPoint Research Participates in Responsible Recycling of Electronics

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Recycle Electronics

As a country, Canada does its best to keep the “reduce, recycle, reuse” mantra not only alive, but a part of who we are. With ever changing technologies, and constant upgrades, we find ourselves purchasing new pieces of technology such as computers, lap tops, and other such gadgets frequently.  We might not often think about recycling the older items, and chances are, they end up in the garbage.

At SmartPoint Research, a small collection of older electronics has started to accumulate, as new monitors and computer towers come in. We started to wonder, what could we do with the older ones?

It was very timely that we were contacted by the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA.) The ERA’s mission is a clear one, of reducing electronic waste through computer recycling, Laptop Recycling and computer donating services.

The recycled electronics are used in a variety of ways that help not only our local community, but the environment in general.

After the ERA receives the donated material, which can be picked up or dropped off at various locations through Canada, the data is removed and the equipment is refurbished.  After this step, if the computer or laptop is still in working order, the ERA will, in partnership with Microsoft Refurbishes, install Microsoft software on to the computer. The computers will then be donated to a charity in need of such devices.

If the hardware is no longer in working order, the parts of the computers and electronics are sold and the funds are used to support the ERA’s costs.

Something really special about the ERA is that you can choose the charity that you would like your computers to be donated to. This is a great option if there is a charitable foundation that you are particularity passionate about.

In a world where everything moves so quickly, and things are easily replaced by newer and shinier things, it is nice to know that the things we don’t have much need for can still be of great use. They can help a nonprofit outfit their office for no cost, they can help a student outreach program gain access to laptops, and so much more.

It is important that we as a society take not only our environment, but the people we share it with, into consideration. SmartPoint Research is proud to partner with the ERA, and do both.

For more information on how you can help or where to donate your electronics, visit the ERA. For more info on SmartPoint Research and how we can help you with your company’s market research and facility rental needs, email us at