SmartPoint Research Turns 6 This Spring!

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SmartPoint Research Team Dinner

Spring is a special time for us, at SmartPoint Research as it is also the season our market research company was founded. On April 1st, we enter into our 7th year of business, and are looking forward to it very much. We have been lucky to work with great clients, on a wide variety of interesting projects. We are excited about what is to come, and to continue growing.

As we embark upon our next year of operation, it is a great time to take a look at what we can offer our clients, and why SmartPoint Research is the smart choice for your market research needs.

As market research evolves, we find a great deal being conducted online. Technology is an ever evolving field, and it is important that other sectors of business keep a similar pace. One of our services is the programming and hosting of online surveys. We do this using an online survey host that, unlike the “free” versions anyone can find online, gives us the ability to design more complex but still user friendly surveys. When working with the general population, you have to keep in mind that not everyone uses the same operating system, or platform, for taking these surveys. Using SmartPoint Research as your survey’s host means that you will not have to worry about that. Whether someone has a Mac, a PC, or likes to use their Android Tablet, you will be assured that people will be able to access and take the survey.

It is important to have a team of professionals, who are able to program your survey online in a way that is streamlined, and engages the audiences. With a free survey program found on the internet, this level of professionalism and personal customer care will not exist in the same capacity. When using us for programming and hosting your survey, there is no need for worry.  It really comes down to expertise, and  that our clients can call on a team of knowledgeable programmers and analysts who have experience in implementing best practices regarding survey design and current research methodologies.

In addition to programming and hosting, SmartPoint Research also has a panel that can be utilized to meet your quotas. From step A to step Z, we are here to help you get the most out of your market research.

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