Telephone Survey Case Study for Market Research

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Telephone Survey for Market Research

This month, SmartPoint Research worked on a market research project that provided us with an interesting challenge that we were eager to take on.

Case Study:
  • Survey completes: n=200
  • Telephone survey conducted in Punjabi
  • Fieldwork completed in 5 days
Here’s How We Did It:

We brought on native Punjabi speakers to conduct the telephone surveys. In order to provide rapid data results once the interviews were complete, we programmed the survey in English with Punjabi translations and instructions for our interviewers. This resulted in our Punjabi-speaking interviewers reading the survey in Punjabi, translating the Punjabi answers into English and inputting the answers into our programmed survey.

It is very important to us that our clients get what they need to continue their research in a timely manner, and this project was no exception. While the timelines for this study were a little quicker than usual, we were able to execute the research objectives and achieve our goals.

Are you looking to conduct market research with non-English speaking communities in the Greater Vancouver Region or across Canada? SmartPoint Research has the skill and capability to make this happen. If you require a quote on a market research project, please email Sam Rai, Vice President of SmartPoint Research, at