The Importance of Quality Control in Market Research

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Quality control in market research is extremely important to the recruitment process. It ensures a structured and efficient system that keeps our clients satisfied, and our projects successful.

When participants engage in research studies, we track key information that sets a very high standard which inhibits repeat participation. The topics of studies that individuals participate in are tracked in our panel management system. This ensures that they do not engage in future studies where their insight and information may bias research on the same topic. We incorporate client names and dates into our tracking scheme, so that people who have participated in the last 6 months are not recruited for research again and people who have participated for a certain client are not recruited for that client ever again. It is important that we recruit new faces so that the information provided in the focus groups and interviews are unbiased, and full of new insight.

In the recruitment process, we implement a number of steps that provides us quality respondents. Firstly we use an online screener and then we reconfirm main criteria and articulation by telephone. During the phone screener, a series of questions are asked over the phone to ensure that potential respondents possess the right qualities for the study. All studies look for people with different defining characteristics, and the screener essentially “screens” out, or qualifies those based on the study parameters. We have found that speaking to potential respondents over the phone is a great way to gage accuracy of information entered during online screening as well as articulation and is always done before booking people into focus groups.

Our panel is comprised of individuals who have opted in. Therefore, these individuals are on standby ready and interested to participate in market research studies. During the initial registration, we collect some detailed demographical information to be able to gauge what studies would be most interesting and fitting to respondents when we create invitation lists for specific studies. The more information we have about individual panelists, the easier it is to target specific groups of people that the client is looking for. Having this information also ensures that we are inviting only those who pre-qualify on some parameters, and makes the recruitment process more efficient.

At SmartPoint Research we realize that the success of market research studies study depends on a number of factors; quality respondents being one of them. That is why we ensure that our recruitment and quality control process follows the rigor expected by our clients and the market research industry. Contact us if you have any questions about your recruitment and field services needs.