Usage and Attitude Surveys: A Closer Look

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Marketing research is a useful tool when it comes to old and new. While some may only associate market research with testing a new product, or getting feedback on a new service, it can also greatly strengthen a product or service that is already on the market.

One of the ways we can do this is by utilizing a usage and attitudes survey. Usage and attitude surveys are used to get an overall understanding of the market dynamics from the “consumers” point of view. Companies often know everything there is to know about their product: the functionalities, the uses, the quality and for whom the products /services are meant. However, a consumer’s view of these products is subjective and situational, which could give a different approach to the intended uses. For example, let’s say a manufacturer of wine bottle openers is evaluating its market. It figures that 20% of households drink wine and so they aim to get their bottle openers in these households. But things may be a little more complicated than that. Perhaps half of these households only purchase wine with twist-off caps. Maybe the manufacturer’s wine opener is too high-end for most, and only households that hold dinner parties and buy expensive wines would actually purchase this particular bottle opener. Finding out about how people actually use bottle openers and in what situations will allow the manufacturer to have a more realistic view of the market, and to properly target marketing and product development efforts.

With usage and attitude surveys, clients can find out how people use and buy their category of products: the situations, the contexts, the purchase decision process, etc. They can also pinpoint which segments of the population are most likely to buy their products. The usage and attitude survey is typically made up of questions that relate to type of use, purchase process, purchase decision criteria, preferred characteristics, brand preferences, and demographic information. A usage and attitude survey can be beneficial to a wide variety of products and services. This is because it mainly operates within a context where the clients can choose to buy their products and services or not. The usage and attitude survey gives insight into what is actually going on behind the decision to purchase a product, which allows for better strategies. It is often the first step when a company gets to a certain size and wants to start investing in marketing research. It may be preceded by some qualitative work in order to develop the most effective usage and attitudes questionnaire possible. It can also be followed-up with satisfaction surveys, concept testing, and much more.

Market research is a science, and there is a lot of analyzing data that goes into the process. Aside from usage and attitudes surveys, there are multiple ways to gain insight when it comes to marketing a product or service. One of the most common tasks within market research is “quantitative analysis”, which will be the topic of our next newsletter.

Usage and attitude surveys are just one of the ways SmartPoint Research can help you with your market research needs. For more information on these and our other services, contact us.