Focus Group & Meeting Space Facilities in a Fantastic Vancouver Location

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We at SmartPoint Research, take pride in our abilities to recruit ideal respondents for various market research studies, as well as in our excellent client services. While these attributes play a vital role in both our success, and that of our clients, there is more to SmartPoint Research than just what we do. It is where we are!

SmartPoint Research is the home to an excellent facility that can be used for focus groups, one on one interviews, and meeting space rentals. Our two larger rooms, Whistler and Blackcomb are excellent for conducting business and research alike.
Adjacent to the Whistler room, is the Discovery viewing lounge. With its one way mirror, this room is ideal for viewing a focus group or interviews. Blackcomb, though separated from its client lounge, boasts a 60’ plasma screen TV, making remote viewing simple for all those in the room.

For individual interviews, we have the Arbutus room. This room is ideal for one-on-one interviews. It is equipped with a High Definition camera, for viewing purposes, as well as the ability to record the sessions in MP3, CD, and DVD format. This comfortable room is soundproof, making it ideal for private interviews.

All of our room rentals come with high speed Internet access, standard presentation equipment and supplies as well as dedicated host service. In addition to these basics, we also provide rentals of laptops, DVD players, and projectors.

Beyond the space itself, we offer an experience that is sure to make your time at SmartPoint Research an enjoyable one. Centrally located in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood, we are nearby to a slew of wonderful restaurants. Whether you or your client wants sushi, pizza, or even enchiladas, our extensive menus allow for just about anything you and your clients have a craving for. If light snacking is more your speed, our lounges are stocked with an array of snacks and beverages. The variety of our snacks has been praised by our clients, partly due to our assortment of healthy options in addition to more mainstream snack foods. Living on the West Coast, we have a penchant for healthy living, and we want to be sure to share these options with our guests.

If you are using are space for a focus group, or other research purposes, you can be assured that your respondents will be taken care of as well. We provide a comfortable waiting area, as well as beverages such as Tazo brand teas, and fresh brewed coffee. You also have the option to select from a choice of cookies or popcorn snacks for respondents as well as the standard sandwiches for mealtime groups; after all, happy respondents make for great groups!

For more info on our focus group facilities and how we can meet your business or research needs, email us at We are more than happy to provide more information, and go into more detail about our excellent facility and our other marketing research services.